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Dennis and Elaine, with occasional help from Dan and Michelle have sequenced these songs so that they can be referred to when practicing these songs for choir.


(Jesus' Love is) Like a River

A Child In Bethlehem

A Christmas Proclamation

A Marvelous Work

Angels Carol

Arise and Shine! Your Light Has Come!

Behold a Tiny Baby

Bell Carol of the Kings

Bethlehem Child

Bring A Torch, Jeannette, Isabella

Carol of the Manger

Carols Around

Climb To The Top Of The Highest Mountain

Glad Noel

Hark How Great Our Joy

I Walk By Faith

Joseph Came Walking To Bethlehem

Nativity Medley

Night of All Nights

O Come All Ye Faithful

Oh, That I were an Angel

Peace, Peace

Simple Joy

Sing Gloria

Sing Noel

Sing to Him a Song of Love

Thanksgiving, A Hymn Medley

The Polar Express

2 Part Choral Highlinghts

The Sleigh

Touched By A Child

Wakko’s America

What Child Is This? Emanuel!

Where Will it Lead?

Will We Know Him?

Will We Make Room?